I had Oliver since he was a wee baby. From day one he brought me so much happiness and love, more than I even deserve. He is my only family, and has been there for me every day, but the time has come that I need to be there for him. On Sunday 8/16 I noticed Oliver’s paw was swollen a bit. I rushed Oliver to the ER in Peoria. The doctor on duty did not even touch Olive. He took one look at his paw, and said it is an abscess. He gave me antibiotics to be given to Oliver every 12 hours. I followed the doctor’s instructions. But that didn’t help much. On Thursday 8/20 what we thought was an abscess ruptured, but there was much blood, so I rushed Oliver to the ER again, and the doctor there who was a different doctor from the one who saw Oliver Sunday said he doesn’t think this is an abscess. He recommended that Oliver spends the night, and to be taken to his vet in the morning. On Friday morning 8/22 I took Oliver to Prairie Animals hospital and the staff started working on him immediately. The doctor took his bandage off this morning and called me immediately, and said that the infection is not going away, and it is spreading. She suggested I take Oliver to the ER University in Champaign. I didn’t hesitate and drove to Champaign. The doctors have ran their tests, and estimated the cost of $8000 for all the work that needs to be done to save him. His foot needs to be amputated. I understand this is asking a lot of money, and if I had that money, I would never hesitate to spend it, but I don’t. All I know is that I need to do everything possible to help save my Oliver. He is all I got.