Hello to all of  Allen “The SF Shoe Doctor’s” Family, Friends and Patients:

I am Allen’s Wife (“Queen”) Terry O’Neal-Feaster and I am writing to you today because  “We need your urgent help to help save  Allen “the SF Shoe Doctor’s” life. He has and wants to beat stage 4  pancreatic cancer. Why urgent? Because His critical white and reb blood cells counts cells are quickly being depleted by the harsh chemo treatments (admistered weekly-for 6 mos rounds) and having of major side effects..  That is why we need your help. We are seeking medical funding donations for a proven comprehensive life-savng non-toxic pancreatic cancer treatment plan called Immunotheraphy that works to destroy tumor and cancer cells while improving the immune system. Recently the Immonotheraphy treatment plan has been denied by our Health/medical insurance while only toxic chemotherapy was approved for His lifetime treatment. The immediate cost out of pocket is $12,000 just to start qualification, diagnosis,  medical record screening and  consultation fees. We want to immediately get Allen qualified for such an important lifesaving treatment plan. Can you please help us meet the goal of $12,000 today.

.”Many of you may remember Allen “The SF Shoe Doctor” from the Discovery Channel T.V. show “Dirty Jobs” and from his popular SF shoe care business located in the St. Francis Hotel (SF Union Square).  Do you also remember the Shoe Dr.’s motto “If you don’t smile, you can’t sit in my chair.”  Then came Allen’s beautiful infectious smile showing everyone that he came in contact with “That you were special and mattered to Allen no matter what mood you were in at the moment- He would make you smile (He makes me smile and laugh all the time!. To read more about Allen’s life journey in a Blog by Troy Paff click here:


What happened:
Sadly,  you may not know that Allen “The SF Shoe Doctor” is now in for the fight of His life to beat Stage IV pancreatic cancer (One of most deadly, most aggressive and fastest growing type of cancer).  Out of nowhere, during a normal scheduled medical screening and then a follow-up biopsy it was discovered there were multiple tumors with a devastating diagnosis of “inoperable Stage IV pancreatic cancer”.  After we received the shocking diagnosis that day from the oncologist and heard the words “Allen You have stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer with metastasis to the liver”.  The sudden utter of those words made both Allen and I slump slowly to the floor crying and reaching for each others hand.  How could this happen?  When it was always communicated from His examinations and doctor’s that he was very healthy; Now to hear stage IV pancreatic cancer!   Well to find out that pancreatic cancer is most often found in the later stages because of the location-hidden behind the major large organs and also often pancreatic cancer as in Allen’s case often show no symptoms.

Current treatment and Allen’s Health status:
The shocking diagnosis scared us so much to the extent that Allen and I felt that the recommended weekly chemotherapy at the time was the best urgent option.  (Actually it was the only option given by His Oncologist or if not he would have a survival time of only three months.)  We also know that God is in charge and only He can determine when one’s time is up. (True faith).

Allen has most recently completed his first round of chemo treatments but unfortunately he is having so many side effects with the toxic chemo chemicals which not only kill bad cells but good cells also.  Over the past couple of months due to the harsh chemo treatments, allen lost His ability to work His beloved “Shoe Care business” because of major hurting, swollen hands and feet, debilitating stomach flu-like symptoms, exhaustion and major weight loss.

Humbly seeking your immediate financial support for proven Alternative/Holistic/ and Immunotheraphy-immune boosting theraphy treatments.

In order to reduce risks of Allen’s side effects of the Chemo and for the ability to function normally, we are now seeking help through holistic and alternative cancer treatments.  Immunotheraphy, is a scientific proven breakthorgh and proven comprehensive late-stage cancer treatment plan that works to destroy tumor and cancer cells while improving the immune system
During our extensive research, talking to other Health Care Professionals, and cancer survivor patients we have learned that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.  There are many proven holistic and alternative non-treatments that can be utilized with Chemo or alone as integrative cancer treatments.  But sadly our U.S. Health care and insurance system will not pay for treatments other than the standard chemotherapy and radiation.  There are so many other proven “high Tech”  integrative ” treatments available such as immunotheraphy,  stem cell research, oxygen based and other late stage cancer treatments (we are currently trying to medically/physically qualify Allen,  but will need our own personal funds (COST: Cancer Hope Center’s  cost just to start initial $10,000 -$12,000 for physical examination and consultation to see if medically qualified for this procedure.  Then another  then $40, 000 for travel, lodging and total cost of treatment and Allen’s Hospital stay.) to seek proven treatments that have a chance to shrink Allen’s pancreatic cancer cells and tumors.

In the meantime how the funds and assistance will help us: Lastly,  a few Health Care professionals and friends have advised us and today we have humbly set up this page to ask for your financial assistance and support  in raising funds needed to: offset Allen’s multiple weekly hospital and pharmacy co-payments, purchasing weekly organic foods,/fruits and vegetables, daily juicing requirements and also to make up for Allen’s loss of income from His business.  We would like to continue the Holistic and alternative treatments and to also seek proven expert integrative treatments to reduce Allen’s pancreatic cancer tumors.

Again anything you can give “large or small” will be so helpful and appreciated more than you know.  “God bless”

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Terry and Allen Feaster