Hello Everyone! We are looking to raise money in order to build a clinic in Collin, Haiti. Collin is located in the third communal section of Jean Rabel west of Port de Paix in the deep country. There are approximately 2500 families residing in Jean Rabel, and to survive they utilize agriculture and livestock. However, given the general context of the country and that of Collin in particular, agriculture and livestock are not enough to sustain most of these families. Parents in Collin cannot send their kids to school, feed them, shelter them, and get them adequate health care. Why? They simply do not have the means to do so. There is no hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or health center. Nothing. From all perspectives, Collin is a completely abandoned area and this is made obvious by the lack of infrastructure. People from this region would have to travel 25 miles through mountains and uneven dirt roads by horse, donkey, or foot, to seek medical attention. This situation is very difficult for those who live in Collin because most don’t have the money or energy to embark on said trek. To make matters worse, the clinic in question is not even properly equipped to handle most medical emergencies. People in this area have been suffering for too long, dying at the hand of diseases that ravaged their bodies because it couldn’t be treated in time, Women are dying during childbirth, infants don’t get to see the age of 1, this is alarming. The maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate (53.035%; 2019) are way too high for us to not do anything. Haiti has the highest Maternal Mortality rate in the western hemisphere (521 per 100,00, 1:80; 2019). These people deserve a chance at life too, there is no reason for residents of Collin to be dying before their time. This is why we need your help. Healthcare should be accessible to those in the area despite their financial standing. We need to build a facility that can accommodate doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. We are asking for donations in order to fund this major project so that no more citizens of Collin suffer due to lack of health care. The doctors involved in this project are from the area and are very familiar with the situation we are facing. We are asking for your help to make this clinic a reality. We are asking for your help to save countless lives in Collin, Haiti. We plan on starting the construction of the clinic in January of 2021. Thank you and God Bless!