Our funds are going low!
First of all we want to assure everyone that we respect all the measures imposed by Local Government in battling the pandemic by wearing the protective equipment, practicing social distancing and continuous disinfection of work sites.

PET SQUAD NFP commitment is to help stray and outdoor community of cats. Our goal to provide food and maintain well organized colonies with healthy animals (sterilized and vaccinated) is in jeopardy. Best colony management is important not only for the cats and the people who care for them, but for the community as a whole.
Food availability for cats and other animals becomes a significant, growing problem and we cannot let our little friends down in these difficult times, especially during an extended disaster response.
Kitten season started in Chicagoland and while that might sound cute, it’s actually a major problem for cats and the people who love them. Last week was very sad for us since we struggled to pay medical bills for newborn kittens and other medical procedures like eye surgery for Jerry

With your help we would stand a much better chance to fulfill our dream to save as many animals as we possible can.
We realize the times are difficult as the Coronavirus sickens thousands of people, forces layoffs and school closures and every penny spent for our cause will be highly appreciated (receipts and picture will be published)
What we are asking is $15,000 to keep doing what we love and what is necessary for our beloved friends.
Your donation will help us buy food for abandoned animals, pay for emergency veterinary procedures, provide the protective gear for our colonies caregivers, help jobless pet owners to keep their friends and not being relinquished to animal shelters, etc.

PET SQUAD NFP is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to rescue and protecting the life and health of homeless animals .
All your donations are tax deductible.