This is my son. He is 3 years old. I don’t know what is going on with him. I need your help.

He was born prematurely on 34th week because of me, I had HELLP-syndrome which lead to DIC. Doctors struggled for our lives for more than 6 hours. But he did fine, he could manage his body temperature, was able to breath and eat. For the first year of his life I watched over him very carefuly, but everything was normal. He was like any other child.

Strange things started happening when he was about a year and a half, he didn’t feel much pain and was a bit clumsy. Every doctor I adressed said I was simply exaggerating. When he was 2.6 he burnt his palm. And after that he became completely silent, no speaking, even no shouting. We went to the State Psychiatric Hospital, where he was diagnosed with ASD. We started working on his social and speaking skills as we were taught. At that time my mom went ill and I was shuttling between them. All the money my family had were spent in the attempt to save my mom. Unfortunately she died. Soon after that my son stopped sleeping. We went to neurologists and they have told that it’s not ASD. That must be some kind of epilepy or brain damage. While we communicated with different doctors in Ukraine we realised he actually had absences from early chidhood, but nobody had paid attention. We did EEG monitoring, at first it showed epileptiform activity only during night, now it’s happening more and more ofter. Every EEG is worse than previous one. So far we have visited 5 neurologists and recived 5 different diagnosis and ideas about treatment.Unfortunately we don’t have any standards in neurology in Ukraine, we don’t follow protocols.

I have contacted 3 clinics, one in Madrid, one in Helsinki, one in TelAviv. All of them have offered the same protocol of examination and all of them have told about the bad quality of tests that were performed in Ukraine.

We made a decision to go to Madrid, because it is the cheapest option. Unfortunatelly, I have not even payed the loans we have taken in the attempts to save my mom. So the only way I have is to ask for help.

Please, help me save my son