Pepper was diagnosed with a rare condition last year, Lymphangioma, which resulted in her having a mass removed in December of 2017 at her primary vets office ($1400). In December of 2018, I noticed some weight loss and a lump on her side by her hip. After a vet visit and an x-ray, we were told she had a mass approximately 11 cm in diameter in her abdominal cavity. So they recommended we take her to an oncologist specialist at Purdue University in Indiana, which is two and half hours away, for a CT scan ($2000). The CT scan would provide better answers on what we can do. Once the oncologist reviewed the CT scan, he suggested another surgery ($4000-$8000) to remove the mass and have it tested for cancer. Her surgery is scheduled for 1/18/19. Without the help of insurance like other medical expenses, our sweet girls medical expenses are adding up. She is only 4 years old and still has so much life to live. I have included Purdues paperwork with the surgery quote in the pictures. Please help us even if it’s just by sharing! Anything will be appreciated! Thank you!