Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this Go Fund Me page for Dylan Ward!
Hello, I am the wife of Dylan, Tabrina Ward. On June 26th, 2020 at approximately 4:20am, Dylan had been hit in a head on collision driving by Lone Mountain. He was on his way to his job that morning when a woman swerved last minute into his lane to pass the car in front of her. Little she did paying attention before passing, hitting Dylan straight on. The woman who did this act did not face her consequences at the time—calling for help to pick her up from the scene and entering the hit-and-run realm. Not once did she check up on him to see if he was even still breathing. Luckily, one eyewitness called the ambulance and made sure he was safe. He was transported to the ICU at UMC for treatment on the various injured areas on his body; a dislocated hip, fractured pelvis, ribs, clavicle and sternum, bruised lungs, a broken wrist, and possibly more. He experienced his first surgery that morning with more coming soon, his wrist being next.
Dylan is an amazing friend, husband, and most of all, father to our child, Avery. He is the most caring man I know who goes out of his way to help anyone in need and never asks for any favors in return. As the kind soul he has, he is also a hard worker who may unfortunately be out of work for a while, not returning in the foreseeable future.
Being part of his family, we are in need of any help possible with the totaled car, ambulance ride, hospital bills, physical therapy, lawyer fees, anything really. These costs are racking up every second he is in the hospital.
We appreciate any and all thoughts, prayers, and donations. This year has been extremely hard on all of us, but with the right kind of support, we will get through these difficult times. With our honest gratitude, our words cannot describe how grateful we would be for any effort.
Thank you again for coming on and reading. Stay blessed,
Tabrina Ward