My Fiancé   Alan Blayney  was headed home (11/6/2018) to me and our lil puppies on a route he takes everyday.

when a motorist illegally crossed the double yellow lines out of the carpool lane, striking him and breaking his femur in the process. He then lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown into the freeway traffic along with his Harley. The driver fled the scene! left him for dead in traffic.
thank god a fellow rider was behind him and witnessed the entire event, she took it upon her self to stop and prevent him from getting hurt further along with several motorists.

the CHP doesn’t seem to be of much help catching the felon despite having a plate and description. The driver says he had never left home.

he has sustained a fully broken femur on his left leg and a broken ankle on his right leg.
he had to be admited for emergency surgery to reattach his femur and ankle bones.

physical therapy and accute rehab and going to be required. It’s going to be a long road

sadly he is a self employed contractor and has no medical insurance. Along with the accident will for him to be out of work for several months.

we don’t know what to do and are looking for help at all avenues. Anything you can sore will greatly help in his recovery and ensuring full mobility once again.

the attached videos are from a witness who stopped to help !