In Memory of MAX

So many people are asking how they can help Max’s baby girl, Ripley Rose who is now without a father after Max’s senseless and devastating
murder.  My sister Alexis, Ripley Rose’s mother is distraught, as her sister, Samantha Mendoza,  I have decided to set up this GoFundMe account for my niece Ripley, to help Alexis provide for her.

We all know that Ripley was loved very much by her father and that Max wanted nothing but
the best for her.  She was truly the love of his life and will never know her father and how much he truly loved her. Max would help Alexis with
diapers and food for Ripley when he could. He  made a promise to Alexis that he would provide for his “mini me”.  Now, because of his senseless
murder, that dream for his baby girl is gone now.
Alexis  now has been left on her own to provide for Ripley the rest of her life.  My sister is a single mother whom works as a server and does her very best to provide for little Ripley, age 3, but she struggles everyday with paying rent and giving Ripley what she needs. Just two weeks ago Alexis
lost her medical insurance for Ripley because she made $200 dollars too much in tips as a sever; however, she makes below poverty level, but
because she does have a job, that too was taken away.  Now she is struggling even more after having to take time off of work to grieve over the death of Ripley’s father.  Ripley has Asthma and requires breathing treatments
daily and Alexis cannot afford the necessary treatments for Ripley’s health without medical insurance.  Alexis loved and cared very much for Max and is hurting and scared for
her daughter’s future.  In addition, she has concerns with the cost for Max’s service.  She wants to help his mother, who she is very close too and the family in any way that she can with financials for Max’s services as well.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Let’s all gather together and be that Village for Ripley Rose. No amount of donation is too small and if
you are not able to donate, that is okay.  We ask that you pray for all involved as everyone that loved Max is hurting.  You can also help by sharing
and leaving a memory of Max here for Ripley.  We want Ripley to grow up knowing her daddy was a friend to many people and that he loved her
very much,  and that he was also loved and will never be forgotten.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and kind words and shared memories.