A new Roof and Radon remediation is needed immediately!!! Sarah and Kristin are survivors. They are Military veterans. Their goal is to help other female veterans with housing and mental health services. Sarah and Kristin met in October 2019 in the Women’s Treatment Unit (WTU) for PTSD at the Lyons VA Hospital in NJ. Sarah had been a patient since June of 2019 and Kristin arrived in October 2019. They quickly bonded over their trauma experiences, both in the military and throughout their child and adult lives. Both experienced military sexual trauma, emotionally and physically abusive relationships with family and non-family members. They have struggled throughout their lives with chronic medical conditions. While at the VA, Sarah and Kristin knew that neither of them would be returning to their “homes.” During her stay at the Lyons VA hospital, Kristin found out her husband would be divorcing her. He believed the treatment was taking longer than it should, and it was not fair to him. He did not care that she had left her home suicidal and was “barely functional as a human being.” Sarah had recently been through a horrific twisted divorce, where her husband left her for another woman that he had been seeing for over a year without her knowing.

Sarah said he was her only support and family. When she became suicidal, he took their 4 children and has not been cooperative with custody arrangements. This is just as a glimpse into their backgrounds. Today Sarah and Kristin both have completed the WTU PTSD inpatient program and both continue to have weekly outpatient sessions with the same trauma therapists they were seeing during their inpatient stay. They both are incredibly proud of themselves for how far they have come and want to give back to other women struggling with similar issues. Sarah and Kristin have recognized a great need for a Women’s only transition home. The main reason Sarah stayed inpatient so long was because there were NO female only step-down facilities for homeless transitioning female veterans to get back on their feet. Kristin went to Vet Haven, a co-ed facility, to transition from her inpatient services but had a DIFFICULT time. She was starting over with zero belongings other than the clothes she brought with her. She stayed for 2 months but struggled emotionally and psychologically. During her time there she filed a sexual harassment complaint. Although this is not a typical outcome at that facility, it is always an unfortunate possibility. She felt isolated and began to feel alone and overwhelmed again. Kristin had paid rent to live with Sarah and finds it to be a “safe and therapeutic environment.” However her rental assistance has run out leaving Sarah even less money to maintain the home. Together, they want to create a home for other transitioning women veterans. Their biggest obstacle right now is that since they have moved in and closed on the house, they have been overrun with house repairs. A wide variety, roughly $7,000 worth of repairs so far. And to prepare the house for other women, the costs will only continue to grow.

Thier biggest obstacle right now is a new roof and radon remediation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with regards to home repairs. Sarah and Kristin are currently in the process of setting up a nonprofit and going through all the legal due diligence to be able to provide resources and transitional housing for other female veterans with similar circumstances.

Any support you can provide to help make house repairs and to help them set up a nonprofit is greatly appreciated!!!

“We want to help other veterans – we are 2 strong women and will get this done!! Our dream of helping others will come true!!!!

Thank You for your support!!!!