This is Sam, Maureen and William’s grandpa.

Clyde is a 91 year old veteran of the Korean war and WWII. He is a widower. He lives with his disabled daughter and her daughter (one of his grandchildren) and takes care of them. He does not know that we are doing this and we will surprise him with any repairs. He does not like to ask for help which is why we check on him and help him anyway as he accepts help but is stubborn and hesitant to ask for it up front. He needs help fixing his roof in multiple places, two walls and flooring in his living room from the hurricane damage. The water dripped down the walls onto the floor which is why the walls and carpet were damaged as well.

He was trying to absorb the water on his carpet with newspapers and would have sat in the mold had we not helped him. We tried to help him on 08/30/17 but the water was too high on the roads and we had to turn around. On 09/02/17 we took a team (his grandchildren and their friends) to rip out the carpet and clean the floor in the affected parts of the living room. We put a tarp on the worst part of the roof for now as a temporary fix.

The goals of the fundraiser are to raise money for supplies to:

-Repair the roof

-Repair two walls in the living room (wood paneling or dry wall)

-Repair the flooring in the living room

-We want to at least fix up the house to where they will not live in mold

We plan to do repair work ourselves as it will be cheaper. We are working with someone that used to do roofs, walls and floors for guidance on performing the repairs. Any contributions no matter the amount will help. We appreciate your support.