Hey everyone! I’m Lindsay. I’ve worked in the warehouse industry for the last six years and I’ve recently had a few medical issues. Life was very rough when I was younger, and I’ve worked heavy labor based jobs over the last ten years to support myself independently, so naturally, my body has taken a lot of wear and tear.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke my foot while walking out of a gas station. This left me with no job, and this is the season I usually make enough money to get out of debt and buy the things my family needs.  My wonderful husband is doing what he can to pick up the slack but the medical bills, rent, and other bills will not be paid this month or next at the rate this is going.  He hurt his back at work trying to keep up with both of our bills and I fear he will get injured working under this much pressure. I’d also like to note that I am not eligible for disability, because they don’t send out disability for broken bones unless I am still bothered by it after a year, which unfortunately does not help at the moment.

I’m a hard worker and I’ve been researching and applying for at home work non-stop since being left without a job. This is also challenging because the at home work opportunities are completely saturated due to COVID-19, and I have no experience.  We’re quickly running out of food for our pets (our cat, Kevin, and Jackson the dog) and we may be facing eviction.  My family is too far to care take, and my husband has has to pick up all the chores.

We are just looking for a bit of help for the time being, and we greatly appreciate all of those who have already donated and all of you who may donate in the future.

Thank you so much for your time,