iHaulit: Put a Pickup Truck in Your Pocket.

A PICKUP TRUCK FOR EVERYONE! Download our Free APP and your LARGE items will be delivered On Demand!

Sometimes you just need a friend with a truck. The iHaulit app instantly connects you to local drivers with trucks, trailers, vans, SUVs and box trucks with the touch of a button. This free tech platform allows users to request OnDemand (yes, now!) delivery of items you just can’t fit in your car. It’s ridesharing, for stuff! All iHaulit drivers are background checked and screened for security. Help this veteran-run business take iHaulit to the next level. The future of delivery is iHaulit!

iHaulit was created Labor Day weekend of 2015. We were having a Labor Day cookout and needed to buy a picnic table. The home improvement store had one left that was already assembled. It wouldn’t fit in our car and we really needed that extra table. The question was, “How are we going to get it home today. Right now?” We thought…“wouldn’t it be great to have an app on our smartphones that we could just click, and like magic, someone in a Pickup Truck would show up in minutes to help load it on their truck and deliver it to our house.” We realized right then, this is a service people everywhere were in need of.

Sometimes you just need a friend with a truck!

  • Everyone has a Pickup Truck OnDemand right in their pocket
  • Less expensive than regular delivery services
  • Saves time, never stand in line to rent a truck again!
  • Need a helper? You got it, your truck comes with one built right in. The driver!
  • Drivers are friendly, courteous and helpful
  • Drivers are thoroughly background checked and screened for safety and security
  • Track your item(s) from pick up to drop off

Download our free iHaulit App today!

Available on Google and Apple

visit  http://www.ihaulitnow.com

Our hard work over the past two years…

iHaulit was veteran-founded and incorporated in Massachusetts in September of 2015 and went straight to work on our brand and app.  The websites is designed so customers can download our iHaulit APP or book a delivery online. We also have a WebDesk platform that we offer retailers to order deliveries for their customers in real time. The WebDesk is a great sales tool that prevents loss of sales due to the inability to deliver affordably NOW.  Over the past 2 years we built our drivers base to nearly 600 nationwideiHaulit drivers have delivered everything from home furnishings to boatstrailers, junk removalsdorm movesscootersdonations to and from thrift stores….you name it, if it doesn’t fit in a car, we have probably hauled it.   We have devoted countless hours, energy and finances into bringing our idea to market. On our two year journey we’ve met and helped so many wonderful people who’ve contributed to our success.

iHaulit is a much needed service

  • People are downsizing and getting rid of unwanted items. Where do you take these items? How do you get them there?
  • The population is changing: we move items frequently for single moms, college students, professionals, disabled vets and senior citizens.  Most of our drivers are handymen as well and often set up or assemble items they deliver.
  • Small Business owners use us for delivery instead of higher priced delivery services that charge outrageous fees. We are more reliable and more economical
  • Large nationwide retailers recommend us to their customers. We do countless deliveries  for customers of Pier1 ImportsGoodwill industriesMarshall’s/HomeGoods and we are on the Preferred vendors list in the State of Maryland for delivery/handyman.
  • Estate Sale businesses benefit greatly from our service. They’re on a tight schedule and must get their items sold and delivered quickly. In fact, iHaulit is the largest ESTATE SALE  delivery company in America.
  • iHaulit will get it home for you today!
  • iHaulit builds community. It’s great to help out our neighbors, college students, seniors, and really just anyone that wants to move something OnDemand.

The Funds raised by INDIEGOGO will:

  • Pay for marketing and help get our free APP on every smartphone
  • Help us expand our current business footprint to reach all of the continental U.S. and move toward the global market.

Please help us get the word out and put a Pickup truck OnDemand in everyone’s driveway by pledging a donation today. If you can not donate right now, please tell your friends and family about our service and ask them to download our free app. If you would like to earn extra money and have a vehicle to haul items, visit www.ihaulitnow.com/drivers.html and sign up.  Thank you for your support.

We have many great people on our team, but here are some of the key players.

Russell Perrone


Jared Garrity

Co-Founder/Vice President

Vicki Xypteras