in/finite : a short film

Hey lovely people, please help us fund:

a short film by Ashlee Mundy and Kristen Hilkert

in/finite is a short sci-fi drama that takes place in the very near future. It’s the story of Jane, the lonesome, charming black sheep of her family. She’s a young woman with the uncontrollable urge to leave this Earth, as sometimes having a family and friends who love you doesn’t outweigh the inexplicable pull towards something… greater. When she’s accepted into the Mars One Astronaut program, she makes her life’s toughest decision and a trip home to say goodbye. Not being able to bring herself to tell her family that it’s goodbye forever, our film takes place at a going away party where nothing is as it seems, and every word holds more weight than the last. Full of quippy banter, heartfelt humanity and a splash of science fiction, in/finite takes us on a very honest journey of what it takes to leave this planet for what can only be described as: the unknown.


Kristen Hilkert and Ashlee Mundy have been friends and creative writing partners since they met and briefly lived together at The Ohio State University in 2005.  in/finite is the first film collaboration of years of constant writing, brainstorming, and FaceTimeing over bottles of wine, as they’ve been keeping their creative energy alive though they live on opposite coasts, Kristen in LA and Ashlee in NYC.  They are more than thrilled to finally make movie magic happen and would love any donation, no matter how small, to make this film come to fruition! Boldly proud of their alma mater,  three Ohio State alum and one former faculty member are part of this project! Anyone who donates will receive a special thanks in the credits of our film and more prizes- which will be announced soon! Thank you so much.

Cast- Bruce Hermann, Morgan Beetham, Tim Anderson, Aaron Smallwood, RJ Pisani, Benjamin John Burbidge and Ashlee Mundy

Director of Photography: Nick Galante

1st AD: Nicolette DeLeon Ernst

Director/Editor/Co-Producer/Writer: Kristen Hilkert

Writer/Co-Producer: Ashlee Mundy

Money donated will go towards funding locations, equipment and all the hard work of our cast and crew.