Brad and I started our journey to grow our family shortly after we married in 2014. We tried on our own to conceive with no such luck. We decided to talk with Dr. Thomas at my OBGYN clinic and created a plan. First steps were routine bloodwork and labs to make sure everything was ok. We started taking vitamins and began our journey. We did three cycles of clomid with three negative results. After these rounds it was suggested that diet change and weight loss could help with the results. So after a 90 lb weight loss journey we moved on with three more rounds of clomid-only to receive three more negative results.

At this point Dr. Thomas thought it would be beneficial for us to see a specialist, so we made an appointment at the fertility center and had our consultation. We then tried three rounds adding an injectable to help improve egg quantity along with timed intercourse and again three negative results. Our hopes of growing our family at this tome really have started to dwindle. How could nine rounds of medically supervised attempts all be negative.

The doctors were unable to explain to us why this was happening. I think this was the hardest pill to swallow-we we’re doing everything right and not getting anywhere.  The next step in the process was trying an IUI or going to IVF. The cost of IVF is unfathomable so we opted for the IUI.

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a treatment where they take the “washed” sperm and place it inside the uterus. I like to call it a mini more affordable IVF treatment! Unfortunately three attempts of that and still no baby.

We decided that we needed to take a break and clear our minds and rest our bodies. When open enrollment for insurance rolled out late 2019 I called every provider offered through my work only to find that not a single one of them covers any part of the IVF process.

This is where we swallow our pride and ask for your help. IVF is our last hope at growing our family and we just don’t have the resources to do it alone. It’s incredibly difficult to ask for help in a situation like this, especially since IVF is not 100% guaranteed. We will stay positive though as we move forward.

Thank you for the love and support

Brad and Stefanie