The first part of July we found out that our beloved friend was diagnosed with ALS. (Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).   Jamie is only 44 years old.   Her number one priority in life is her family, her friends and her dogs.   She will tell you loud and proud that she has been with Jason (JBird) for 25 years now.  They are ALL that each other knows.  True Love.   She will tell you loud and proud that she is the Mommy to Chloee (Peanut), her Little Miss Sunshine and her little best friend.   AND, of course there are her Dogs.   Jamie and Dogs go hand in hand.  If you think of Jamie, you probably think of a Weenie Dog or a Mastiff.  (Although you might be surprised to know their names: TinyBoyJax, DonJohnson, Sassypants, HankWilliamsJr and ChewyBacca).   Their names say a lot about Jamie’s personality.

If you know anything about ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), you know that it is the most horrific diagnosis that you can be given. It is terrifying and it is cruel. Now Jamie has to not only imagine it, she has to LIVE it.

We started this GoFundMe to help her prepare for the brutal journey that nobody could ever be ready to embark on. Our goal is to help raise as much money as possible so that she is ready to fight her fight, head-on with every possible resource!   Believe us:  SHE IS A FIGHTER.    We have started with a goal of $100,000 but happy to go way over our goal because Jamie, Jason, and Chloee will need it. We want her to have not only the best doctors, but the best care! We want her to be able to participate in any new treatments available, even if it means traveling abroad.

If you have the opportunity, read up on ALS HERE   … typical annual care is $200,000 to $300,000!!!

Right now, more than ever… she needs us. She would NEVER ask for help in a million years. We need to step in and help her. This disease is RUTHLESS and we want to aid her and her family as she prepares for the fight of her life. Literally

A website has been created for Jamie to give as much information as possible during her fight. We want Jamie to stay focused on her fight so we ask that you contact us or go to the site if you have any questions. BERRYSTRONG WEBSITE    We also included a video below, in case you want to skip past all of this text and go straight to “Getting to Know Jamie”.   The video is a little tongue-in-cheek, which may seem inappropriate for such a terrible subject, such as ALS-  but it truly represents JAMIE and her personality.

Jason and Jamie celebrate their 25th anniversary in August. 25 years together, more than half of their lives. If you know Jason and Jamie there is no saying their names without thinking of Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tennille, or our personal favorite, Bonnie and Clyde! They are the true definition of “Ride or Die” partners in crime.

We can tell you that Jamie is the LAST person that would want this GoFundMe page… she would “ feel bad”. SHE is the one that is always starting them for ones in need. SHE is always the FIRST of our friends to jump in headfirst to help others. SHE is the one that is the backbone to her family and takes care of everyone around her. SHE lives for her family and won’t rest until she knows that they are all safe, loved, and cared for!

She is quite frankly, the most selfless person most of us know, constantly putting everyone’s needs before her own. To say that her world has been ROCKED is an understatement.

With her tenacious personality, Jamie was able to secure an appointment at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale next month but the cost will be substantial. Unfortunately, her HMO plan will not cover any of the costs, so the family is on their own to take on whatever expenses that are thrown their way.

We want to help alleviate some of the financial stress so that she can focus on her health and well being. She has been working day and night submitting applications for clinical trials, stem cell therapy programs, second opinions, you name it.

The only way we know how to help right now is by taking some of the burden off of their shoulders. J-bird has started to take on double his usual workload, but his heart wants to be with ‘his’ Jamie right now. He wants to spend every precious moment with her, but he knows that now is the time to make money. We want to help too because this isn’t just Jamie’s fight, it’s their fight. After all, they ARE “ JasonandJamie”.

The silver lining is that Jamie is one of the most persistent and determined people we all know. Thankfully, the word NO isn’t a part of her vocabulary. THIS IS WHAT JAMIE WOULD DO!

Please help to let Jamie know we are all behind her and ready to go to battle with her. Let’s also make sure both Jason and Chloee know that with our love and support, they will have one less thing to worry about.


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