I am the father of a beautiful daughter, Jennifer Madilyn Merrel, who died unexpectedly today, Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at the age of 27.  She was born in Lexington, KY on March 16, 1992.  Jenn will be remembered for her ability to cheer people who were going through tough times even though she experienced many of those herself.   Her best friend Chris Paffos died at a very early age.   She was intelligent and able to hold her own in many long, late night/early morning Messenger discussions.  She was able to drain the room of all seriousness with her unstoppable, contagious laughter.  The world is a much lonelier place without our angel-faced, curly blonde-haired girl.  Our only daughter.

She is survived by her mother, Barbara Watts of West Virginia, her father, Dennis Merrel of Gilbert, AZ.  She is survived by two children of her own, a girl, Arianna and a boy, Jaycen.  She is a sister to Ian Merrel of Lancaster, PA and Alyssa Watts of West Virginia.

She is an inspiration to all to never give up and to look on the bright side even in life’s darkest moments.

The funds collected here will be used to pay for funeral expenses and a memorial service.  She left us unexpectedly and unintentionally.   The family does not have insurance or funds to cover her.

Her father and mother will be in charge of final expenses.