On September 8, 2018, Lisa Lowry tragically lost her husband Jim, of 21 yrs.  Jim was killed instantly in a terrible car wreck after being thrown from his truck.

Jim and Lisa have worked hard all their lives. After years of saving they finally were able to buy a home. And although, Jim eventually had to go on disability, he did whatever it took to make their house a home. A place they always thought they would grow old together in.

But as we know life can change in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Jim did not have any life or burial insurance. And because of her age, Lisa’s not eligible to receive survivor benefits from social security till she reaches the age of 60.  Leaving her with basically half the monthly income she once had to pay her mortgage and all the bills, not to mention Jim’s burial expenses.
Like most people, they lived paycheck to paycheck, and tried to save when they could.

This has been a hard year for Lisa, 9 months ago, her son Kyle was murdered. What little bit of savings they had was used to take care of his services. So there is nothing available to take care of Jim’s burial expenses.

So in less than a year shes lost the love of her life and her only son. She is struggling to come up with money to cover Jim’s burial and funeral service. And now without his income, shes is in fear that she will lose the home they shared and that they worked so hard to make their own.

It’s very hard asking others for financial help, but it’s the only option we have. And its desperately needed.

Thank you

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