Anguilla holds a dark secret!  37 year old medical student and actor producer Casey Scott MacPherson Pomeroy and his friend Caleb Wilder Guillory mysteriously died on the caribbean island of Anguilla, December 30, 2018.  To date, details on how this tragedy happened are still not clear.   Both Casey’s and Caleb’s families continue to search for answers from the local officials and anyone else that can help or may be involved; in Anguilla and the United States.

The Royal Anguilla Police Force Police Commissioner has lead us to believe that requests for the four witnesses to return and give their witness testimonies were sent out multiple times.   It has been made clear according to the Royal Anguilla Police Force,   that these witnesses refuse to accept their court summons issued by Anguilla.   Our US government has failed to uphold and enforce these court issued requests.   Here is a link to more information about a Coroner’s inquest in Anguilla:

Update!!!     Welcome aboard Red Banyan!!!  We are very excited to have Red Banyan as part of our team to help us  “Press the Truth”  and expose the corruption  from both sides.

TJ Ward & Associates  has been assisting in the ongoing international investigation and collecting evidence.

The funds raised go directly towards the professional fees associated with the investigation.

We are inviting you to join us in our search!   Whatever amount you are able to generously give, will help in the effort to find answers to the death of our family and closest friends.  Any amount no matter how big or small, even $1 adds up quickly!  We can never bring back the ones we love.   However, we will all feel better knowing we’ve made a strong effort and hopefully bring about some more closure.  At best, those responsible will be discovered and justice will be rightly and properly served.

Good News! Our team has formed a non profit organization to help us and others like us search for answers.
Now all your contributions are tax deductible with EIN #84-3909828.

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•••  Please note:  This GofundMe account is completely authorized by both Casey’s and Caleb’s immediate and intermediate families.  Mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and closest friends!  We are all grieving and need to be respectful in our actions and words; as we all have a common goal of searching for truth.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact the families directly.  •••

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