This is somewhat difficult for me, since I simply do not feel right when it comes to requesting money from others, no matter the reason.
Yet, I’ve come to an impasse where I simply have exhausted all of my options. Therefore this GoFundMe campaign has become my last hope.

In May of 2014, I ended up in the Northwest Community Emergency care center after coughing up fairly large blood clots.  I was immediately admitted into the hospital after they found fluid inside as well as a dark spot on my lungs  The most distressing part was that it was found I had stage 5 hypertension of 209/105. In addition, I was experiencing tachycardia.

Of course, this truly baffled me due to the fact that I was in perfect shape when still serving active duty in the Marines.

I was admitted into the hospital, and given BP meds to help with the hypertension. Although they would work for short periods of time my BP would once again skyrocket within hours. In the end, I left the hospital against doctors orders.

Nearly half a year later I woke up one morning with both of my legs and feet ballooned up and covered in quite a few deep sores. Again I visited the hospital and was told it was pitting edema as well as a cellulitis infection. They however could not find the cause of the edema and referred me to both a primary care doctor and a cardiologist. Up until that point I did not have insurance as I couldn’t afford it. But seeing as it was essential then, I bit the bullet and was then insured. Sadly, the 18 thousand dollars priorprior hospital visit from before my insurance went into effect was sent off to collections.

From that point on it was simply a series of doctor’s visits one after another. A hematologist due to the fact that I had an elevated white blood cell count (Which has remained elevated for just over 3 years now), a dermatologist due to a severe outbreak of psoriasis,   and blood sugar levels that are inching every so close to full diabetes. And I don’t even partake in sugary drinks or food.  What surprised my doctors the most was that I had a good cholesterol level of 5. This is the lowest any doctor that has viewed my results had ever seen.

Last but not least, I developed a serious infection in my upper jaw bone. This required immediate extraction of all of my upper teeth.

The bottom teeth for the most part are being restored and wont require extraction, however, they do require 3mm of bone to be removed from under the gums for crown lengthening as well as tissue grafting after that heals. Neither of which is covered by insurance.

Once the lowers are complete, they want to begin consultation for all on four implants to replace my upper teeth that had been extracted. Originally, We tried upper dentures but I have a very small mouth and no real palette to speak of, so the suction that is    
supposed to keep a denture in place simply isn’t there. This was yet another 20 thousand + dollars for the single upper arch. Also, not covered by insurance.

So after that rather lengthily explanation, I am seeking funds to both pay off my medical bills that are behind, as well as the costs of the upper arch for the all on four implants.  I am also trying to get the money together to visit the Mayo clinic since all of the other doctors who have seen me have yet been able to figure out what is causing all of these strange health issues. I’ve lost track of the amount of testing I have had to endure since this has all started.

I am do young to be going through this, and I really do not want to continue to get worse and worse until nothing can be done about it. I want to be a productive member of society. I want to help people in need when they need it. And most of all I just want to live at least somewhat of a happy life.

My health continues to deteriorate and none of my doctors can figure out why. MRI’s, ECHO’s, stress tests, Renal Duplex artery scans…… Nothing has worked in terms of finding the cause of my rapidly declining health.

I’m just hoping the Maya Clinic could find something that all of my other doctors have missed.

So I am reaching out to others for help. Even if you can’t donate anything, I still appreciate taking the time to read this.

Thanks, and much love
Kelly Hudson

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