Friends and Family,

First, allow me to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” for everything each and every one of you has done to help our family over the past two years since Clementine’s diagnosis with Neuroblastoma. From donations to prayers, to watching Adalind, making t-shirts, buying bracelets and cups… You’ve treated our family like your own and I cannot tell you how much it means to us. Our sweet Clementine has been through so much but continues to be a brave and strong little warrior. As we move onto this next, and hopefully last, phase of treatment we call on you, our village, for support once again.

Neuroblastoma is a jerk. Even after aggressive therapy, which includes chemo, radiation, antibody therapy, and a bone marrow transplant, about 50% of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma relapse. 35% relapse in the first two years. Given these statistics, we, and Clementine’s oncology team, feel that “DFMO” Difluoromethylornitine treatment is Clementine’s best plan for long-term, cancer free, survival. DFMO is a trial that targets cancer stem cell pathways to “turn cells off” which may prevent children from relapsing.

There are few specialists in the country that offer slots for this specific and targeted treatment. Clementine was lucky to be accepted into the trial at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital which is where this treatment originated. They’re the experts much like Memorial Sloan Kettering was in New York. This facility is located in Michigan and the program is a 2-year commitment. Clementine has scans on September 14th and as long as those are clear she will be eligible to start the treatment. Our family will pick up and move the week before, from our current home in Arizona, to go to Michigan for Clementine’s treatment. As you can see, there is not a lot of time, and unfortunately funds are extremely tight.

For part of 2020 Robbie and I have been unemployed due to Covid-19. With Clementine’s weakened immune system, we couldn’t take the chance of catching it and bringing it home to her for obvious reasons. So we need your help once again. It’s Michigan or bust to save our girl. Please donate what you can, pray, and share with your friends.

We love you all.