3 types of cancer.
2 years of isolation.
1 important fight.

This is our ultimate leukemia smackdown.

My dad—my funny, kind, courageous dad—is fighting his 3rd round of Hairy Cell Leukemia.

5 years ago, after weeks of tests and misdiagnoses, he was finally diagnosed with three types of cancer:  Hairy cell Leukemia, B-Cell Lymphoma and T-Cell Lymphoma. The symptoms were so severe, the doctors and nurses were stunned. They had never seen anything like it.

During this time, his white blood cell count plummeted so low that any risk of virus became life-threatening. After the chemotherapy treatments and a year of recovery confined to his home, all cancer was in remission and my dad was able to return to work.

A year and a half ago, the Hairy Cell Leukemia returned, wiping out all financial resources and once again cutting him off from the world as he went through several rounds of treatment and 8 months of recovery.

During each round of treatment and recovery, my dad was denied disability because Hairy Cell Leukemia is considered “treatable.”

Now, after only 11 months of health, his white blood cell count is back down to life-threatening levels and the man who has fought through two rounds of cancer, with half his life still ahead of him, now has to step back into the ring.

There are so many things worth fighting for, but for our family, there’s never been a more important fight than this one. We’re determined (or maybe just stubborn) and ready to beat this for good.

The kindness and support of our family, and friends, and community has been overwhelming and inspiring. We love you all.

Thank you for fighting with us in our ultimate Leukemia smackdown!

Half of the goal amount is needed to cover immediate medical expenses and the other half is needed to support cost-of-living expenses during the 6-10 months of recovery required before he can return to work. Every donation makes a difference and so does every post shared.