Abbey has spent her entire adult life serving our country in the United States Navy.  While on one of her many deployments, she rescued Mia as a stray in Naples, Italy.  This is  truly a case of who rescued who.  Mia has traveled the world with Abbey, keeping her company and safe while she must be away from her family and sometimes her son.  Today we found out Mia has a tumor in her stomach which is bleeding and must be operated on quickly to save her.  The surgery will cost $7000.  Abbey is my sister-in-law and has never asked for anything, including this GoFundMe.  She  is currently stationed in San Diego, CA and is dealing with this on her own, which makes this even tougher.  This surgery will save Mia’s life and allow Abbey to keep her best friend.  She is a single mom, so not only is this unexpected, but would also be devastating to her son, Cristian.   We want to help ease the burden of this cost and anything you can donate would be a tremendous help.  Thank you and even if you can’t donate, please share, send a prayer and some good vibes to Abbey, Mia, and Cristian.