Your Support will help Millions of People 

Devirex is about to bring a new innovative product to the USA which works like no other. What makes it so different? Devirex has developed an entirely unique product called lipivir® – the only true prevention for cold sores in the world.

Although cold sores may seem to be a common and somewhat trivial problem to those who don’t suffer, they affect millions of people in every country across the world, many very badly.

In the United States over 30 million people are going to have at least one serious cold sore outbreak in 2018 – some will have many more. This spreads the virus in the community including vulnerable children, who then carry it for life and may well develop the unsightly and agonizing sores later in life.

The conventional wisdom about cold sores is that you can’t really do anything about them until they appear, so you just have to suffer until it goes away; that all changes with lipivir®.

If you can stop the virus from reactivating you stop the outbreak from happening. So, we need to change the mindset of all those millions of people and spread the word that you can do something and take back your life from this unwanted parasite.

lipivir®  satisfies the real need of more than a billion of people worldwide which is to avoid having an outbreak rather than having to treat an open sore on their face:
33% of the population everywhere suffer from painful cold sores every year, often frequently – which means that more than a billion of people worldwide are shedding the virus into the community and spreading the disease. With your support, Devirex will be able to promote and supply lipivir® sooner to those people in need and protect those who are not infected.

lipivir®’s Impact

What impact will lipivir® leave in the world and who will benefit from this product?

  • lipivir® will deliver relief to millions of people suffering from cold sores. So far they haven’t been able to  dream of such a possibility. Our new customers in Europe continuously send us feedback with thanks for having brought this product to market. They tell us that lipivir® has changed their lives as they can plan for important events – like their wedding, a job interview or, just going to work,  – without concern about their appearance, improving their self-confidence and social life … and they do not suffer the pain anymore!
  • lipivir® can reduce the risk of a cold sore during pregnancy or after giving birth. The Herpes simplex virus is extremely contagious and is the cause of  recurrent cold sores, especially when the body is under stress or going through hormone changes. This makes pregnancy period a high risk time for outbreaks. Avoiding an outbreak after giving birth is of paramount importance because it can easily be passed on to the baby while feeding. Having a cold sore and kissing a baby is a big no go! lipivir® can prevent a cold sore during this precious time for mother and baby.
  • Although it has major health benefits lipivir® has been launched in UK as beauty product because it is best used to keep your good looks than wait for the unpleasant symptoms of an attack. We have been using PR and digital marketing since 2017to educate and inform the public. lipivir® will be launched in the US following approval by the FDA as soon as possible.

Use of Funds

The funds will be spent as listed below (in USD):

1          150,000     PR activities – articles and Herpes labialis-related contributions as in UK-campaign to create the awareness to cold sore sufferers

2         550,000     Digital marketing campaigns – PPC, Display, FB, Instagram, YouTube

3          150,000     Traditional marketing / brand building – printing, ambassadors, events

4          150,000     Covering operational expenses – patent, legal fees, R&D, office rent, salaries, admin

USD 1,000,000    Total

What happens if we don’t reach your entire funding goal?

If the funding target is not met immediately we will push the digital marketing activities as shown above at the best level possible, we will of course be exploring all avenues to  fund the required activities  . Achieving our initial funding goal will enable us to reach more people with lipivir® faster and generate the cash flow to expand throughout the USA and more countries.

The Devirex-Team

Theo Seiler, CFO – Campaign Driver

I am a finance professional with more than 30 years of professional experience, currently with Devirex as Group CFO and as CEO Asia Pacific. My key positions were during the past 25 years:

  • CEO of Asian Hospital & Medical Center, a leading tertiary hospital in the Philippines that we turned into a highly profitable business. The hospital was sold to an investor group in 2011.
  • CFO of Diethelm Philippines, Inc. and Commercial Manager of fast-moving consumer products division of Diethelm & Co. Ltd. in Bangkok.
  • AVP Corporate Taxes at the ABB Group headquarters in Zurich/ Switzerland and VP Corporate Finance and Taxes at ABB’s Regional HQ in Hong Kong.

I started with Devirex in early 2013 and became a shareholder in the same year. From the very beginning I saw the huge potential that lipivir® has in terms of financial success. This financial success will be shared with all investors since they will enjoy lucrative annual returns and a substantial capital gain (target: 200% plus) when exiting the investment in five (5) years.

The fact that lipivir® can help millions of people to get rid of a health problem is very important to me. However, bringing the product to market and to build the lipivir® brand requires substantial financial resources for which we need your investment, last but not least and most importantly, to help those people suffering from cold sores.

Dr. Paul Scherer, CEO

Paul has obtained a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the Swiss Federal University of Technology in Zurich/Switzerland. He is the (Co-)Founder of Devirex AG and prior to that his key positions were:

  • Managing Director/Founder of Interactive Consulting Ass. LLC
  • Managing Director/Founder of a management consulting company
  • Senior management position at Collano AG

As Vice-Chairman and CEO, Paul is the driver behind Devirex and covers an important position in the company.

Martin Austin, Head of Marketing

Martin is a Biologist with  degrees from the Open University of Buckinghamshire and from Reading University (UK). His key positions were during the past years:. Martin has over 30 years of experience in marketing Consumer Products and OTC Pharmaceuticals all over the world.

  • Managing Director/Owner of TransformRx LLC
  • Principal at Paul Capital Partners LLC (USA)
  • Head of global Business Development at F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Martin is also the Chairman of the Board of Devirex with executive responsibility for corporate development and marketing.

What is our Experience?

  • Paul, our CEO, bootstrapped a consulting company in the field of GMP (a standard for the pharmaceutical industry) during 7 years to a very profitable company. He ist the founder of the company.
  • Martin, our head of marketing, has successfully built several consumer brands in UK and in Europe, one of them is the well-known brand Aspartame (Equal/NutraSweet), the artificial sweetener. He is a renowned lecturer in Europe, US and China and author of two books on business development.
  • Together with two partners I established a successful consulting company in Hong Kong that is specialized in hospital management and consulting, including patient safety standards.

Risks & Challenges

Glaxo Smith Kline owns the brands Zovirax and Abreva–products used to shorten the healing time when you have cold sores. They are financially strong and will try to protect the market for their treatment brands.

However, lipivir® is the only product that can prevent the cold sores from occurring, a much bigger benefit for affected people than Zovirax or Abreva which shorten the healing time by only a few days, but the outbreak can still last 8 days.

And very importantly:  lipivir® has no side effects. It is not expensive since we try to keep the price low and, therefore, a year’s supply costs about $ 150 – affordable for anyone!

lipivir® is marketed successfully in the UK, mainly through PR and digital marketing, a way that is very cost-effective, targeted and efficient.