Love Fund for Family of Lori Anderson. The night of 27-28 August, they were in the storm, wind gusts of 150 mph, in their mobile home, on their family land. And the noises they heard were horrific. A large tree landed into their bedroom. Darkness surrounded them. They prayed, before, during, after, and still praying and helping others. Their electric pole snapped, the uprooted tree took out their water line, their trailer full of mold. Their things ruined. They still help others. Since the storm, only a few days ago, their electricity has been restored. Thier water restored. They have never left their home. They do not want to leave their land, thier rescue dogs. They are living in mold, and ruined furnishings. They had no insurance. Through God’s Almighty Power and in the name of Jesus Christ, His only Son, my prayer is help for them, in a new or used mobile home, healthy enough to live in. If you feel the calling, if you are able, please help them.