I am currently editing my third book of Krushia in which I will then turn into an animated movie series. There is more to the story to follow through upcoming books and animation movies. In which,  will lead up to a Krushia performance of a Unity event. At that point, I will bring my Krushia character to life my presenting a Unity event titled We R 1  which is the title of my first written creation. At the moment, I’m working on my show horse jumping to get my jump height to my desired goal as well as completing my Krushia book series.

Risks and challenges

The only thing that I can foresee being challenging is with the advertising of the animated movie series of Krushia. I know that advertisement will have to become a significant priority once this project is completed. However, making Krushia an animated movie is only one part of my bigger goal. I have more plans for the character Krushia once by the third book is published, this will make it a book series. Currently, I have one song created for Krush and need a few more songs written about Krushia which will be used In my unity performance. And I am continuing my horse riding jumping lessons to perform in the Unity event.

I want the Unity event performance to start with several horsemen/ladies doing a few routines and stunts. Then, storytelling with acting, singing and dancing performances. Of course, This will be the beginning of a grand musical performance planned for the near future.

I will need to hire the right people for the positions to help and guide me on the scenes, routines, stunts and the locations for the event.