I’ve always loved animals and I’ve been working as a volunteer helping strays for the past 10 years. Where I live the situation in this field is particularly dramatic. We are surrounded by stray troubled animals, as there are very few resources granted by the authorities and total lack of sensitivity on the matter. I have been living with several animals in various conditions and constantly try my best to help, especially those in terrible shape or at their last breath. I work to find good homes for them, and often take them in myself when no other solution is possible. There is nothing in life I want to dedicate myself to other than this. Nothing makes me happier than taking care of animal life. I have therefore started a project which will allow me to go forth: a boarding house for cats and dogs which will also serve as a shelter for as many abused, wounded, abandoned, hopeless animals in general. It’s a job that will give these unfortunate creatures a chance to survive with dignity and love. It’s a job that I shall continue to undertake with true passion. Carrying out this project properly, safely and humanely will be expensive. It necessarily includes the purchase of land to give these animals room to move freely, build them all the necessary structures and have professional veterinary aid. Therefore, I am doing something I never thought I’d do: asking for help. Please help me realize this dream to save and benefit so many. I thank anyone who can and wants to help and would be very grateful to anyone even for just sharing.