Hello everyone! My name is J.R. Goodbred. My parents are John and Susan Goodbred. Most of you know them and for those who don’t, we will all attest to the remarkable, and selfless people they are. My purpose for this hopeful endeavor, is to ask for help. Something my family, and especially my parents do very seldom. But, with a heavy heart my mom has been diagnosed with Cancer, for a second time. She previously beat a brutal diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer, about a decade ago. I have no idea how she did it. It was very intense and damaging.  It was extraordinary, how she rose to the challenge, the surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, and came out the other side to live a full life to this day. That in-of-itself is enough for one human being, not to diminish the permanent, and long term effects that she has to live with day in and day out.        Even though they have health insurance ( the companies fight to deny her legitimate claims still to this day making it more costly and upsetting) i think we all know the burden finances place on top of the worry of appropriate and adequate treatment. Yet, they never complain(ed)! They just did and do what they have to do to pay and maintain their lives the best they can. My brother, sister and I are going to do everything we can to help, but even we can only do so much to combat the staggering costs, which is why i nervously do this venture so far outside our comfort zones.      If anyone could help, even just a little, not just money, but even a kind message or a share of this, would really go far and be appreciated. My parents are not going to be happy i did this probably ( so if you could refrain from letting them know about this until the time is right) but I’ll take the heat if it means life will be just a fraction easier while going through this.       They always put themselves last! To us, they’ll know, at least this once, they are First! From my entire family, Thank you so much for your time, and i hope your lives are filled with happiness and love!                                                                                                      -J.R. Goodbred-