Everyone can benefit from getting quality financial advice-regardless of level of income, assets or age. However less than half of Americans know this! www.myperfectfinancialadvisor.com is a site that matches a person to their perfect financial advisor. For years I have observed that people do not get professional financial advice because they do not know where to turn or who to trust. I am seeking feedback from consumers on the Beta version and input on new features I should add.

My name is Nick Stuller, and I have been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. I was the founder and CEO of two data companies that compiled data on all the nations financial advisors, and earlier in my career I ran sales departments of companies that served financial advisors. I started my career as a broker at a Wall Street firm.

More than half of adult Americans do not have a financial advisor, despite the clear need. The advice business has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, however the public perception of financial advice has not and the losers are not the advisors, rather the consumers who do not get the right advice.

I am passionate about helping families get the right financial advisor. Consumers are not aware that literally anyone can get an advisor to help them in their particular situation-even if you have no assets! However, you almost never read this in the press. All you do read about is Madoff or some similar negative event. It is quite easy to avoid a Madoff, and in fact, statistically there are very few of them. My new site helps a consumer not only avoid a bad advisor, but match to one that is perfect for you.

What I need now:

I seek feedback from  consumers by going to www.myperfectfinancialadvisor.com, using the system, then giving me your candid feedback on what would make the site better for you.

Currently, I am not seeking funding which is why the contribution level is set at Indiegogo’s $500 minimum. While I do have a robust list of potential features for the product, it is the consumer perspective I need now to either validate what is on the “white board”, or suggest new features we have not yet conceived.

Your Impact

Your time invested in using the system, and more importantly, feedback will literally help other families find the best advice for them. Imagine living in a world where families actually saved 10% of their income, and lived within their means? Or where there were almost no Madoffs because investors no longer fell for the slick sales pitch? Or where widows/widowers had financial security because their spouse had life insurance? This is the goal for www.myperfectfinancialadvisor.com

You likely know someone who has suffered from no advice or bad advice: buying the wrong stock, listening to that “smart uncle”, on their third child and still no life insurance or will…..the list of poor financial decisions goes on and on. By helping me make www.myperfectfinancialadvisor.com a success you will literally be helping some future family make a better life changing decision.

At minimum, if just one family avoids one of the above ills, then this new site is a success. Your time and feedback will help that one family avoid a major mistake.

My personal background and the genesis for this new site

Over the past 15 years I was the co-founder and CEO of two different database companies that compiled data on financial advisors. They each were the #1 products in their industry and were highly successful. They were however, “Business-to-Business” databases licensed by large institutions like American Funds, Franklin Templeton and Morgan Stanley. This is my first focused effort on building a product used by consumers and because of this I am concentrating on objective consumer feedback.

The genesis for this site is based on two observations: first, in working with advisors I have heard countless stories about how consumers do not understand that everyone can get great advice. Secondly, my parents financial story heavily influenced me. When my father died at 45, he and my mother budgeted for enough life insurance so that his five dependents could survive without my mother going to work immediately. This was an example of good advice. However, the money was not invested optimally, and my mother returned to work prematurely. This was avoidable and an example of bad advice. These two observations have made me a passionate believer in a better way to get consumers the financial advice they need.