Hello, I am a disabled father of two wonderful children. My wife just passed from a long 2 year battle with appendix cancer at the end of September. She was the world to all three of us. Now I am having to try and move on and make plans and find a new place to live for myself and the kids after dealing with her passing and the funeral costs taking everything that we could scrape together to pay for. I am not a man who likes to beg others for help, but when it comes to my family I will do whatever it takes so that my kids don’t have to worry if we will have a place to live or not. So here I am, asking for any help that you can pass my way, even $5. That $5 will go a long way towards assuring my kids wont have to worry where we will be this next month. As I am writing this I am taking a break from packing up my sons room. Whatever we get from this will go towards a deposit and the first months rent on a place for my kids and I. If we are lucky enough to get more than that, it will allow me to pay for more than just the first months rent, which will give me a cushion so that I can try to stabilize things around my kids. Even though I loved their mother will all my heart, I know the passing of their mom is harder on them than it is on me. So I want to make things as normal and easy for them as I can. I am so grateful for even the thought of any help, even if I don’t get any donations, because it gives me peace of mind that others will know our struggle and at least kind thoughts will be sent our way.  I know not everyone is in a position to help with money, so thoughts and prayers are also very welcome. And if you find it in your heart, or if you pray for guidance on this matter, and see fit to do so, if you could please share, that would be great. As my late wife liked to say when we had company over, the more the merrier! Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this. Good day and God Bless.