Greetings dear reader, One of the most humble and caring families in our community, that would do anything for anyone, now needs your help. On Thursday, October 29, 2020, at approximately 3:15 a.m., forty-five firefighters from Calvert, St. Mary’s and Charles County responded to 7305 Saw Mill Road in Lusby, for the reported structure fire. Crews arrived on the scene to find their two-story wood framed single family residence of 46 years ablazed with fire showing. The Harrod Family except their cars, lost everything they owned in the house fire. Deacon Owen E. Harrod, Wife Linda Harrod, & daughter Aretha Henderson, all made it out with severe burns and injuries and will require several surgeries and long term treatments but are very blessed to be with us today. Minister Owen B. Harrod who also lives at the residence but was at work at the time, has also lost all in the fire. The Harrod family have overcome some difficult times in their life, medically, and though they personally may not be ones who’d ask for help, this is something they are going to need help with. They will and do have all the prayers, love and support from friends and family, but they will also need the monetary support to rebuild what they have lost. If you would like show your support by making a donation of any amount, you may do so through this public resource. God bless you & Thank you The Harrod Sons & Daughter Minister Owen B. Harrod, Sergeant Travis Harrod of the Calvert County Sheriffs Office Corrections Bureau, Ms. Linda Harrod & Todd Harrod.