My health has been deteriorating  for the last several years as I was battling stage one pancreatic cancer and received CyberKnife and other treatments which has kept it at bay.

It seems the Sodium Dichromate at the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Facility we bombed in Basra Iraq has finally caught up with me, plus some of the burn pits, Depleted Uranium, etc while I was with the US Army Corps of Engineers Project RIO (Restore Iraqi Oil).

Air Force Veteran – 390th Missile Squadron (SAC) DMAFB, Tucson, Arizona.

Additionally I suffered complete kidney failure last July and the  nephrologists at George Washington University Hospital here in DC did a fantastic job getting my kidneys to function again, but they are damaged so I am still dealing with the ramifications and most likely I will need a transplant at some point.

After multiple stays at the Veterans Administration hospital here in Washington DC, and after blacking out and suffering from a fall down 25 hardwood stairs breaking bones and injuring my already damaged neck from injuries in Iraq, I was transferred to George Washington University Hospital where I was diagnosed with Syncope which causes blackouts, with no warning, and I spent 70 days in physical rehabilitation at the Annandale Health Care Center in Virginia trying to heal.

Also my diabetes is causing autonomic neuropathy nerve damage throughout my body and my ability to digest food, loss of bodily functions, plusa my vision is failing due to diabetic retinal neuropathy.

Last but not least, I have serious nerve problems that cause continuous spasms from my neck, shoulders and down my back, and my left arm is atrophying and this condition is extremely painful.

I have had Botox injections, muscle relaxers but nothing works so I am left with trying Deep Brain Stimulation and denervation.

The Deep Brain Stimulation costs approximately $70,000 to $100,000 for bilateral procedures (both sides of the brain), plus these estimates include the cost of the surgery, devices, anesthesia, hospital fees and physician fees. I do not trust the VA to perform anything to do with my brain, but I am trying to get the VA to pay for it with the help of my congressman.

The denervation which consists of cutting the nerves controlling the overactive muscles in my neck that are causing my symptoms.

The procedure will take place at the Georgetown MedStar Medical Center here in DC in late April. The doctor is highly recommended and has performed these procedures many times so my confidence level is high.

At the moment I am in a rehabilitation / hospice center close to the hospital.

Additionally, my young son Ronan Sean Henry is here in Washington DC helping to care for me.

Those of you from Lucent / Hilversum days may remember when he was born there in 1999. He is 21 now and is the type of son any father would be proud of.

He is a handsome, strapping 6’1″ and a well mannered and educated young gentleman.

I am not sure how many years I have left with my health situation, but I need my son with me as we have never been able to spend much time together as he has been in school in Romania.

I just want to hold my boy and tell him I love him every day, and I want to make sure he is taken care of. He has my younger brothers and their families to look after him. I want him to have a good future here at home, and finally I have him in my life… heart has been breaking every day for the 20 years he has been away from me.

Also I am very embarrassed having to do this, but I must try to regain a bit of my health so I can be with the people I love.

Plus I am a bit scared and very depressed

Maybe some prayers might help.


Kevin and Ronan