Please Help My Family Survive

We sincerely ask to please help support my family to stay afloat. We do not know how we can go on, having no job and only debt in our bank account. As a first generation immigrant family, hard work was a fact of our lives. We struggled and struggled and thought we had reached salvation, only to be knocked down like this, so we ask for a bit of your kindness and grace. A year ago, I had money in my bank account and a nice job, and now I have nothing. In order to help my family through COVID, I had used up most of my savings. In desperation, a message came from a trader that I thought was salvation, but in turn ended up being a gigantic scam that reduced our savings to absolutely nothing. This Ponzi scheme took all of our savings and left us 70k in debt, and as I am still trying to find a job, it has been very difficult to see a path forward that can keep us from the streets. We have not received any help from authorities, so can only rely on the generosity of masses to help. Sincerely, I as representative of my family, ask for your help to give us some funds to help us get back on our feet. We will be eternally grateful to you.