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Hello everyone.

When I opened site gofundme, the first thing that caught my attantion was sentence „asking for money is hard“ . So true…

At the beginnig I thought about hiring someone to write this fundraising pitch for me, but then I realized, that it would be totally wrong. English is my second language, but who else could describe my feelings better than myself? Nobody. So no matter what will be the final result of my campaign, I do it with honesty and clear consience and for me it is the most important thing.

Back to my story… many years a go (around 10) I started my own business and rented premises together with another company. They were giving me jobs and also we shared rental cost. Rental agreement has been between my company and property owner. Everything looked good until the time, when company started to be late with payments for orders they gave us and finally they did not even pay their half of the rental fee. They promised everything will be ok and things like „ we have to trust each other“ ( at that time I have been really naive I guess)… so I signed bill of exchange to property owner in my name. Of course, one month later company dissapeared together with their owner and because they were from other continent ( I will not name it,because each continent has good people and bad people), there was no possibility for me to get any money from them by court or by any other means.

Suddenly I had no job, I owed 3 month rental fee and more money to subsuppliers. At that time I did few things I would do differently today, but as our lifes goes we have to make decisions that we think are right at that time and these decisions cannot be changed later. We all do in our lives good decisions and decisions that are not so good.

I tried my best, but of course I could not pay all the money I owed so collectors came on the scene. For last 5 years they take from my salary each month as much money as they can and it hurts a lot, because me and my wife raise three wonderfull boys. Unfortunately interest rate is so high (almost 9%), that amount I actually owe decreases very slowly :/. For last few years I think about it every single day. I think about it when I wake up, I think about it when I go to the bed, it chases me and I wisch I could turn back time and dothe things diffrent way.

Few months a go I have inherited my father’s apartment. My mother past away 9 years a go and at that time I thought that I will be ready for anything that will come for the rest of my life. I couldn´t be more wrong. When my father past away, I cried again like a baby and I realized, that I have no parents anymore. Anyway, my plan has been to sell apartment, pay half to my sister and pay my debits. However collectors want to put appartment in the auction. That means, it would be sold for roughly half of the market price, it would not cover money they request and still I would owe to my sister. Second option is that I have to pay them all the money I owe in advance and they will release apartment for sale by myself. Currently we have left about 3 weeks.

When I received this information I could not sleep for one week at all, my stomach hurt. After so many years of deprivation, when I thought that I can finally pay my debits and restart my family live, I received this kind of „KO“.

I tried all I could to put this money together, but it is not easy, because when You say a word „collectors“, people just don´t trust You. Sad thing is, that in my life I helped many people to start their own businesses, but becuase of collectors, I could never restart one by my own. Unfortunatelly, these people seems to forget very fast once they start to make the money. I guess, that´s how it is. This story also showed to me, that amount of „friends“ we have is equal to the amount of money we make. We do not have too many of real friends and sometimes we have to get to the bottom to find out how many of them we actually have.

So anyway, I promised myself, that I will try everything possible to collect the money and prevent the auction, which would be disaster for me, but mainly for my family, for our children. This campaign is basically the last thing I can do but…. „asking for money is hard.“ I understand, that most of the people will not care, I really do, but if there will be some who will, I want to say Thank You so much! Raising the money would be for me and my family great thing, because I could show my wife, that in the world around us are not only „takers“, but also “givers“.

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