$17,000 100


The massive locomotive barrels through the Siberian night while the conductor braces against the frigid air as he moves between cars. He tugs at the chain hanging from his tattered pocket and pulls out his trusty railroad watch to check the time of the coming next stop. He doesn’t realize he is holding a piece of history. The Tran-Siberian railroad pocket watch; now more than a decade out of production.

In the spirit of these famed timepieces and the trans Siberian railroad, Pramzius — our new brand based in the USA — is bringing back the Trans-Siberian railroad watch, but this time for the wrist. Pramzius, named for the mythological Baltic Ruler of Time, seeks inspirations from Eastern Europe and the Baltic region to reignite a world of often forgotten horology and great historic timepieces with new looks and top-flight engines.

By backing our project, not only will you get an amazingly cool timepiece (depending on your level of support) but you will be helping a small, family-run company to realize our dreams of owning our own watch brand. We promise we won’t let you down with this or any of the future models we are already developing. Our goal is to make every Pramzius watch an event and something unique on the wrist.