Premium Denim Dog Jacket. Italian made quality by Amsterdenim. Keeps your most loyal friend warm and protected in style. Unique up-cycled denim perks!

The Perks

These are the perks we’re offering to backers:

€    2 Shout Out | Special thank you shoutout on our Instagram, with love from Amsterdam
€    5 Good Luck | Wish us good luck and receive 3 lucky rivet pins. FREE worldwide shipping.
€  20 Bracelet | One of 36 upcycled denim bracelets by Denim Dutchie. Retail value: € 30
€  55 Early Bird | The Dog Jacket. Limited to 24 pcs. Size XS to XXL. Retail value € 79,99
€  65 Dog Jacket | Help us decide which size to produce and to fund it. Retail value € 79,99
€ 100 Voucher | € 150 shopping at our webshop. Limited to 100. Great gift for the holidays.
€ 200 Paris Deluxe | Go over the top with this exclusive custom Jacket. Value: priceless!

ADD-ON | Handmade Italian Poop Bags Holder by The Denim Dog, ltd to 12 pcs per style