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If you are on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme or most any other crowdfunding platform we can help you advertise your project to multiple social platforms.
Types of campaigns we have helped: Medical, Education, Pets, New Invention, Authors/Books, Addiction, Games, Cartoons and many more!

We will advertise your campaign to multiple social networks. We post daily and you can decide how long by selecting from one of our four packages.
What I need:
  • When ordering, make sure your campaign is launched and live to the public.
  • Include a shortened message for promotion under 200 characters including campaign link. (Twitter Friendly)
  • Check your short message for errors before submitting  it can not be revised once promotion has started.
  • Please read the FAQ for more valuable information.​

I strive to be:

Thorough: check the description below for a complete list of details:
Responsive: I reply in less than 24 hours after an order is placed, or a question is asked. I’m not online 24 hours a day.
Authentic: I am a social media manager and manage multiple Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Contact us if you have a question or check my FAQ

*Note Any requests to make edits to the promotion after the job is completed will be offered a 50% discount on a new order for the same campaign.

Please choose one of the packages below


  • Permanent Listing

  • 1 Facebook Post a Day for 07 Days

  • 1 Tweet a day for 10 days

  • Post your Campaign on Instagram

  • Post your Campaign on Tumblr

  • Post your Campaign on Pinterest

  • 1-2 Days Delivery

  • Permanent Listing

  • 2 Facebook Posts a Day for 14 Days

  • 1 Tweet a day for 15 days

  • Post your Campaign on Instagram

  • Post your Campaign on Tumblr

  • Post your Campaign on Pinterest Community

  • Featured on Website 30 days

  • 1-2 Days Delivery

  • Permanent Listing

  • 3 Facebook Posts a Day for 30 Days

  • 2 Tweets a day for 30 days

  • Post your Campaign on Instagram

  • Post your Campaign on Tumblr

  • Post your Campaign on Pinterest Community

  • Featured on Website 60 Days

  • 1-3 Days Delivery

  • Permanent Listing

  • 4 Facebook Posts a Day for 60 Days

  • 2 Tweets a day for 60 days

  • Post your Campaign on Instagram

  • Post your Campaign on Tumblr

  • Post your Campaign on Pinterest Community

  • Featured on Website 90 Days

  • 1-3 Days Delivery

Crowdfunding Campaign Exposure

  • Requirements: Include a shortened message for promotion under 200 characters including campaign link it must fit as a twitter post. Check it for errors before submitting I do not write content and it can not be revised once started.

  • Please read my FAQ before ordering.

  • Please do not order unless your campaign is active.

  • This does not guarantee any funding from others this service is just to promote your campaign to social networks.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any campaign for any reason.

  • Please Only 1 Link Per Order

  • Proof of Posting: Includes Detailed Description, Screenshots and Links

  • Cancelled Orders: Orders that are cancelled will be refunded immediately. Reasons for cancellation may include: Information not provided such as link or brief description, unresponsive to promoters request for communication, payment is flagged as a risk, campaign is not marketable or breaks the rules of campaign website or social media networks. We reserve the right to refuse any order if we feel the services will not benefit purchaser.


Why was my payment refunded?2019-08-28T06:22:10-04:00
  • Campaign has not be launched or link is broken or inactive.
  • The campaign is personal in nature and does not have any donations from family and friends.
  • The campaign goes against the stated terms of agreement.
  • A shortened message to be used for promotion under 200 characters was not included and buyer didn’t respond to communication.
  • The purchaser name does not match the campaign name.
  • The purchaser is unverified.
  • The promotional network is not supported by crowdfunding promoter.
  • Requests outside the scope of work.
  • Violates campaigns network terms.
  • Lack of communication from purchaser “Including confirmation Email”.
  • Merchant bank flagged credit card payment.
  • Crowdfunding Promoter follows the terms of all Campaign and Social Networks. We are also experienced and committed to our customers success. We reserve the right to refuse any and all campaigns that don’t meet those standards.
What if the platform removes my campaign after the gig promotion is completed?2019-01-15T08:37:15-04:00

Please read the platform’s rules carefully to prevent your campaign from being removed. If the platform removes your campaign after your gig promotion is paid and completed by crowdfunding promoter, you will have wasted your money. Please see crowdfunding promoter’s FAQ about changing/removing promotion. This applies if you remove it as well.

Can I order multiple times for the same campaign?2019-01-15T08:26:45-04:00

Yes If you order one at a time and allow crowdfunding promoter to deliver one, then reorder. Please do not order for the same link more than once until each order is delivered. If you have a different campaign it is fine to order multiple times. Posting the same message and campaign more than once at a time to the same network is spammy.

Will Crowdfunding Promoter provide proof of work?2019-01-15T08:28:35-04:00

Yes. Crowdfunding Promoter will provide you with a detailed description of the tasks performed, plus screenshots and links to the main places your campaign was posted.

What does scheduled posts mean?2019-01-15T08:30:12-04:00

From the package you choose, Crowdfunding Promoter will automate posts generating your campaign link daily using Hootsuite a scheduling tool that will post to one or more of our facebook business pages, or twitter account.

What if you have a network I do not wish to be posted in?2019-01-15T08:35:33-04:00

That’s perfectly fine. Some people don’t want their info on linkedin or pinterest just tell crowdfunding promoter which network when ordering and we will not post there. If you tell us after ordering and crowdfunding promoter has completed the gig it will be too late.

Can posts be removed?2018-03-05T20:00:18-04:00

The only time posts can be removed, is when an order is cancelled immediately. I post in many different outlets and it would be near impossible to find all of the original and scheduled posts.

Will I get donations from placing an order with you?2017-09-03T17:56:32-04:00

There are no guarantees anyone will donate to your campaign. I am performing a marketing task by posting and scheduling your links in my social networks. I’m unable to control the actions of others so clicks, sign ups and donations are not promised just promotion.

When will you start my order?2019-01-15T08:06:07-04:00

Order starts once you reply to confirmation email and provide any requested changes to campaign message.
Processing time, once order is confirmed, is typically 2-3 days before delivery. You will receive a notification that promotion has started and screenshots plus links to places campaign was shared.

What do you need from me to start the order?2019-08-28T07:18:45-04:00

We will need the link to your campaign and a shortened message error free to use for promoting, preferably under 200 characters which includes campaign link.

All Packages are one-time fees,and do NOT renew
This is a promotional service and it does not promise donations

Additional information

Exposure Package

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