#pushthrough2020   For some of us, 2020 has been an inconvenience to say the least. Like forgetting your password, going to reset your password and then getting told that your new password cannot be the same as your old password. Infuriating and inconvenient.   For others, it’s been the most challenging year ever imagined and the light at the end of the tunnel feels more like facing a train head-on. This is where we find Illy and Tino.   The struggles that 2020 has brought this beautiful little family would never be made into a Hallmark Channel movie because it’s just TOO REAL. Their 2020 started to challenge their gangsta  back in March when like many others, they were both laid off due to COVID-19. Not great timing considering their wedding coming up this October, but they stuck together and pushed through. In June, 2020 took another shot and Tino’s vehicle was totaled in a car accident. Thankful that it wasn’t worse, they pushed through. In August without warning, someone called CPS with false allegations which has forced the couple to take legal actions and fight for full custody of their baby girl. Planning to finally marry your spirit human costs money. Keeping your little family intact after others try to tear it apart costs money. And lawyers are all about that pre-paid life and don’t offer layaway.   God is good, ALL the time! This family has experienced that first hand in spite of the bombshells 2020 keeps throwing at them. Many of us can relate to those years that feel like the Whopper dude in the candy box with no crunchy middle. It’s gross and you can’t seem to spit it out fast enough, and leaves you fearing how many more dudes are in the box. Regardless of how your 2020 has challenged you, together we have power. Together we can ALL RISE UP from the ashes of this year’s dumpster fires. We can help each other #pushthrough2020.   So we’re hoping to get Illy and Tino some financial support to help manage all the expenses that are quickly adding up. Any amount will be graciously accepted and thank you prayers will be said in abundance. For many years to come!   We all share in life struggles, but the strength we have when we come together to support others in times of crisis is powerful. Let’s help them #pushthrough2020.