We’re excited to introduce our solid wood adjustable desk and stool on Kicktarter! This patent pending desk design allows users to easily angle and move the desk for use as a sofa end table or stand-alone table.

Shipping within the US is free. We will ship to international locations. Please message us for a price quote.

Project Background: Master furniture craftsmen Eric Yin, with over 20 years of manufacturing and design experience developed this patent pending technology for adjustable tables and furniture that are easily assembled and disassembled, light weight, and very portable.

How the Desk and Stool Differs from What’s on the Market: We built these items with 98% solid wood to ensure long-lasting durability. Our multi-purpose adjustable products are perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. What makes it special is its ergonomic design that allows you to move the desk up and down and adjust the levers without the desk shaking or becoming unstable. You can also use it at an angle easily with no issues. It’s also light weight enough for a child or a young student to carry around.

The Desk is Perfect For: This brand-new designed desk is perfect for use with a laptop, iPad, or as a simple stand for your work materials. Whether you’re a musician, work at home professional, or work at the office, this ergonomically designed adjustable desk stand is perfect for your everyday needs.

The Stool is Perfect For: Working at the home or office, and staying healthy.

Proposed Features:

  • Made of 98% solid wood for lasting durability
  •  Nutslock height adjustment locking mechanism with patent pending technology – just turn the lever to adjust
  • Turn the lever to a comfortable height, whether sitting or standing
  • Adjustable levelers help stabilize the desk stand on uneven surfaces
  • Supports weight capacity up to 200 pounds
  • No need to take out bolts or disassemble during adjustment
  • Great for sofa use at an angle without the need to lean
  • Great for composure
  • Light weight, portable
  • No power requirement
  • No rusting with solid wood, unlike other metal products

Additional Features of Desk and Stool

  1. Ergonomic
  2. Stand up desk. Adjustable high table (From Sofa or Couch to Standing). Portable. Easy to move around in the house.
  3. Adjustable table surface angle for better reading to reduce neck pressure and pain relief.
  4. Comfortable
  5. Great style design
  6. Durable,
  7. Stability
  8. High quality
  9. Quick installation
  10. Easy maintenance
  11. Stay-at-home, Keep healthy
  12. Affordable

Proposed Specifications of Desk:

  • Overall: 25″ width x 17″ deep, 25″ height adjustable to 40″
  • Packaging dimensions: 32″ length x 24″ width x 8″ height
  • Net Weight: 26 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 35 lbs
  • Surface of desk can be adjusted to a 60 degree angle for eye level usage
  • Under desk top buffer can be adjusted so tension does not cause the top to snap down

Color Options:

We are asking for funding for this project because we are implementing the Nutslock height adjustment mechanism and wood locking technology. This technology is currently not available on the market place and we are trying to launch the product with help from Kickstarter.

Funding Goal and Timing: We are looking for $100,00 in funding to manufacture the first batch of our new adjustable desks. Once funded, we can get the desks manufactured with our factory partners based in Southeast Asia in about 30 days. Then each desk will be packed and shipped to the United States for warehousing and distribution. We plan to have distribution be ready by end of September 2019.

Attached are drawings of the locking mechanism to illustrate the uniqueness of the item.

In addition, we have uploaded a series of short videos to showcase the functionalities of the stool and desk.