This gofundme is raising money for a wonderful black mother of two young sons who is living out of her car and doing her best to meet all her sons needs. This mother wishes to remain anonymous because she is making the incredibly difficult move to leave an abusive relationship. But you should know a few things about her. She has been experiencing a chain of events that have made her life incredibly difficult. She left her abuser and took her two young sons to live out of their car during the winter. This was terrifying and brave. Recently, the car was towed and impounded while she was in a drug store, looking around for the most financially efficient way to spend the small amount of money she had that night. The staff at the store accused her of trying to shoplift and had her car towed. This was heartbreaking both for the racism involved and for the impact of losing the car. It cost hundreds of dollars to get the car out of the lot, to get housing while the car was in the lot, and to buy gas, insurance, and a space heater after the car was finally out. Even more recently, the car was broken into and all of the family’s belongings were taken beside the change of clothes they had with them. This most recent crisis has provoked a feeling of desperation from this resilient mother. Her PTSD and feelings of terror rooted in her trauma are surfacing and she is asking for serious help, something that is scary for most people to do. She has articulated the truth – she is worthy of serious donations for housing from dedicated individuals that want to really actually make a change and better someone else’s life. She is determined to beat these odds and continue on with obtaining her degree and providing security, peace, and happiness to her children.  She works tirelessly to balance the needs for shelter, food, rest with the needs of her young sons to play, feel joy, and experience a celebratory birthday (both had birthdays in February that were not as celebratory as she wished). She is determined to meet her sons’ needs and to persevere for their sake.

In order to do this, she is looking for financial support in getting housing for her and her family. They need access to reliable housing, especially during the winter. The original goal is $2500 because those are the initial move in costs. If we can reach that goal then we will set the bar higher to support her in the other costs of setting up a new life. Update: the goal has been increased to $3500 to match the increased move in costs now that she has been approved to move in on June 1!

She has risked everything to break a violent cycle and protect her children. She is incredibly deserving of all financial support, both to help her out of these crises and also to provide comfort and joy to her family.

UPDATE: this mom can move into a home on June 1 if we can get the funding for her. She is very excited and we are anxiously hoping to make this happen in time. There’s a chance she could lose her spot in this apartment complex if the funding isn’t possible. Let’s do it!!!