This Project would be to explore and research the impact of drone air travel in US cities.  Drone air travel has been tested in Dubai, and Air France says that there is a chance that there would be Air France Service in the US by 2021.  I’d like to use the money from the donations to help me research, study, and obtain information as to the feasibility of this unique transportation way.  Some of the questions I’d like to ask are:

  • How will it affect our cities congestion?
  • Will it be safe?
  • How will it economically affect the cities that use regular cab service, trains, buses, or trolley services for commuters?
  • What are the costs with getting a private service (non-big company, i.e. Big Airlines) of this going in cities across the country?
  • How much will it help make our cities greener?

Moneys will be spent on research, travel, photos, drawings, reports, private industrial subscription report services, and any/all other fees associated with the generation of a first-round feasibility study.

Risks of the Project

The risks are that the project would take longer to complete than I thought, and I would need extra time to complete it.

Further Risks are that the project would go over budget and would take a second round of funding to get the project off to a good start.