Good day to you all. I’m simply asking for donations because I cannot do this myself. After retiring from the Marine Corps, I had to declare bankruptcy, due to there being no jobs available at the time. I lost everything. I put 20 years in the service and feel like I lost it all. During that time, I deployed 6 different times to the Middle East. That, in of itself, led me to serious mental instability. I just recently had my fourth back surgery, hopefully my last, and I am a homebody trying to get back to some sort of normalcy.

I am trying to get a home gym that I turn my garage into so my family and I have something to do together. What I am attempting to achieve is dividing the garage space to make an actual room. I have looked for estimates on this type of remodel and, while it is certainly to exceed $10,000, I want to meet the world halfway, and do half the amount myself. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

I normally am not the one to ask for things, but I am hoping this will help with my mental state of mind and allow some sort of peace.

Bless you all

Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.) Barrett
United States Marine Corps

P.S. What ever the outcome and however you may feel led to donate, or share with others, know that I am truly grateful. I know the world is full of causes and mine is no less important or better than any one fundraiser. If you feel led to sow a seed of blessing, know that any amount is eternally thanked.