Early morning of the 7th of July, my mother was shocked to see my dad covered in blood especially in the head and chest area. He was just laying in bed & unconscious. My mom suspected that he fell and banged his head on the floor, hence the blood flowing from his head down to the chest. He was taken immediately to the local clinic.  My parents live in the province where hospitals are not equipped with medical supplies and equipment to further a treatment. So they decided to take him to the city where we believe he can be best treated. While on their way to the city, my dad is still unconscious and not talking anymore; also he makes a blurry sound. They were almost in Tagum City (Philippines)when he started coughing and blood comes out with it.

CT scan was done as advised by the doctor. It was found out that my father has a huge blood clot in his brain. The doctor said we don’t have any options but to have a brain surgery the next day. I sent 150k pesos right away  to have the surgery scheduled because they won’t operate unless you have that certain money.

The brain operation was successful last 8th of July Sunday. We were praying since then that he wakes up (open his eyes) or talk however today is the 6th day from his operation date however he is still yet in a coma. He either have a fever or seizure or even convulsion, which really bring so much pain to the family.

His expenses daily just for the medicines and also the ICU fee would range to 60k pesos a day. There is no way my family can sustain his medical needs. My siblings and I have put it on all our savings already and now we are emotionally and financially drained.  Emotionally because my dad is still not awake and still in the ICU. On the other hand, financially because we are scared that tomorrow we don’t have money to sustain his fees and medicines anymore.

We are hoping my father will wake up so we can move him to a more cheaper room. 60k pesos a day is such a huge impossible money we can sustain daily. This is a family tragedy that we are both not prepared to deal with. And WE ARE VERY SCARED THAT TOMORROW WE MIGHT BE ASK BY THE HOSPITAL TO LEAVE because we don’t have money anymore.

Doctor said he still in the coma. It brings pain and breaking my heart to know that we would stop the medication for him because we don’t have money AND I know my father wants to leave. Sometimes we can see tears from his eyes. I wanted to be with him but I am currently overseas and I’d rather send the money than buy the ticket to go home. I cry everyday thinking how on earth our family is facing this crisis.

We have been praying and praying and it seemed like God is testing us. In this regard, I would like to ask help from your good heart if you have some spare penny that can help my dad’s medical needs.

My father is currently staying at Bishop Joseph Regan Memorial Hospital since 7th of July, which is also my mom and dad wedding anniversary.

Thank you very much for your help and may our soul blooms always in love for all existence.