Lacee’s  pony bravo was in an unexpected accident and is very injured with a fractured  Pastern bone . We had a vet out to do X-rays with the only option besides euthanasia is an elaborate surgery with a very good prognosis .however we need to raise 10 k for the surgery . If we can all come together and help lacee and bravo we can save him . Bravo is very special to lacee, she has had him since he was a baby and brought him with her from Alaska to California. Bravo is 5 years old and just beginning to live his life Making young kids happy. Lacee has worked with him for 3 years to get him gentle and loving so she could help him find his perfect calling. Lacee has wanted to make bravo her specialty act horse since she does performances with trick riding and trick roping.
Please help lacee save bravo from being euthanized as their family doesn’t have the financial means to afford a surgery of this caliber. Lacee will appreciate this from the bottom of her heart ❤️