I created SkullCrows as a way to celebrate my favorite holiday (Halloween, duh!) all year long. I have only ever been able to produce a few of these sculptures at a time, so I have rallied up a small team that is going to help me produce these guys on a large scale quickly to get them to their new homes all across the US just in time for October! We are passionate about the amount of detail in our products and could not be more excited to bring you your very own SkullCrow to haunt your home for years to come!

Risks and challenges

As long as our project is funded, all supplies will be able to be ordered in bulk immediately. We have already confirmed availability and shipping speeds with our suppliers and we have the green light! Depending on how the whole COVID-19 pandemic goes, shipping could be delayed slightly, but we will have a full month of production time (September) to get them all created and then sent out at the beginning of October.

Long-lasting design

All of our sculptures contain real wood, and all pieces are sealed to protect it as long as possible. Since these guys do not have articulation, the likelihood of wear and tear is very minimal.

Reusability and recyclability

We have a zero waste policy when it comes to producing our SkullCrows. Anything not used in production (which is usually nothing), is taken to a local recycling facility.

Sustainable materials

We only ship in environmentally safe boxes and paper packing materials. No plastic packaging will be used in the shipment of our SkullCrows.