PRESENTER is seated on a comfortable couch.

What does it look like I’m doing right now? Just hanging out? I am, that’s true. I’m also taking charge of my own healthcare, though. That’s true too. Don’t believe me?

PRESENTER pulls out smartphone.

I’m researching information about my health on this thing. We all do that, at one time or another. We want to take things a step further. Instead of just putting health information on smartphones, we want to make actual diagnoses through an app. Combining Quantum AI with cutting-edge blockchain for security, we want to empower people to perform regulary checks for skin cancer and precancerous lesions – automatically and in real-time, without visiting a doctor.

If you don’t know, this is a giant leap forward for people around the world who cannot afford regular healthcare and who continue to die unnecessarily from skin cancer that doctors could have treated – if only someone had detected it sooner.

Early detection, always convenient, saving lives: that is the concept of Spot My Dot.

There is a little more to it, but suffice to say, we need your help getting it up and running. To learn what we have planned and why it matters so much, read on below. See for yourself what a difference Spot My Dot is going to make in the world.

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, you may find me right here, right in my living room, checking for skin cancer. It’s possible. We can make it happen.

Thank you!