On the afternoon of December 22nd, our son DeAngelo Hamilton (15 months old) was tragically burned in a cooking incident, while in the care of family members. This unfortunate incident has resulted in 30% burns on his legs, stomach, and a bit of his face and hands.

Baby Deangelo is strong and will be alright. He had just starting walking and running around. He and his father enjoyed chasing each other around the house. He has a motor like the Energizer Bunny because he just keeps going.

TheĀ  Doctors have told us nothing but good news after he underwent skin graft surgery on December 26th. We as the parents (DeAngelo and Lillie) have not been able to work during this difficult time in our lives. Baby DeAngelo has a long road of recovery and therapy ahead of him, and we are going to be right here along with him.

We ask that you give what you can, so that we can restore the same quality of life he once had. Thank you so much for your generosity. God bless.