On Thursday June 28th my sweet little Boston terrier Maddie and I were enjoying a walk (on leash) when we were attacked by a large off leash dog. The owner of the dog watched the attack and did nothing. While trying to get my baby away from the dog the dog also bit me. I was able to get them separated and the owner took his dog and went inside his apartment and never came back out. My girl made it but sustained serious injuries as you can see. I contacted police and animal control which resulted in a $125 fine and he gets to keep his dog. I’m out $1200 in vet bills (and counting, I have to take her to the vet each day to have her drains and wounds cleaned and rebandaged). I’ve also got my own medical bills for my finger and prescriptions and so on.
i couldn’t watch my dog die, I just couldn’t.
I plan to sue this jerk but as you know the justice system works very slow when it does work and I’ve spent my entire paycheck trying to save my baby.
I absolutely hate asking for help but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.