The Kind Tour 2019

Spreading kindness on a 10 week trip across America!

The truth is this: we are far more alike than we are different. We may have different skin tones, political views, and religions. But at the end of the day we are all beautiful human beings who want to be known, loved, and seen. Kindness is a incredible way to show people that they truly MATTER.

Hi, I’m Carrie Grace, and I’m on a mission to add more kindness into the world one city at a time. I am beyond excited to announce a new project that I will be undertaking in the Spring of 2019; The Kind Tour!!

The Heart Behind The Tour:

I got sick and tired of reading all the bad and sad news in the world of shootings, inequality, and hatred in the world. So I’ve decided to take some action steps to spread kindness instead. I want to get back to the basics of treating one another like neighbors, where we help one another out. Will you join me in this mission?

In the spring of 2019, I will travel the country doing community-wide acts of kindness in different cities and states. I’m asking YOU to partner with me to commit to making the world a brighter, kinder place for all. The kindness projects will include:

*feeding large homeless populations
*donating books to schools where children have never owned their own book
*creating kind boards for people to leave encouraging notes on college campuses
*and so much more!

In order for it to be as impactful as possible, I need your help! I am hoping to raise $10,000 for the trip to get to as many cities as possible – and spread the kindness far and wide!


In 2016, I launched something called “Kind Days” in my hometown of Durham, NC. I set up a booth and passed out free ice cream, popsicles, and balloons and asked people to pledge to do acts of kindness. It’s become an annual event each year and has impacted 1000’s of people as a result. I’ve gotten many emails from people in other states asking if I could come and host something similar in their hometowns. So, the kind tour was born out of a tiny seed of trying to do kindness in my own little corner of the world, to now road-tripping out to other cities and states to do the same.


Share this page with your network, especially on facebook! – The more shares we can get, the better! This will help us reach the end goal quicker and then out into the world to toss kindness around like confetti.

Donate Money – This is obvious, but will be the most helpful way for us to get into as many communities as we possibly can.

Donate Books – We are planning on donating books to schools in the Washington DC area where kids have limited access to owning their own books. You can mail all books to: PO BOX 52044, Durham NC 27717.

Connections – We are looking to join forces with non-profits who are already doing incredible work in their cities. So if you know any community leaders/organizers we would love for you to connect us to them. Also, if you work for a company that does sponsorships, let us know if they may be willing to sponsor a city on our tour. We’d love to be connected and chat with the correct person at your company. You can reach us directly at:

Join the fun! – We are all about kind people around here. Let us know if you want to hop on board for part of the trip, organize an event in your city, or even come out and volunteer.

Marketing ideas – The goal behind this trip is simply to leave communities better than we found them. If you have a background in marketing or have creative ideas on how to improve our project, add some fun marketing to it, or join us creatively in any way, please reach out! This Kind Tour is dependent on kind folks like you!

Where you’ll find us:

Below is the list of cities that we will potentially be stopping on during the tour. We will continue to add more cities if we raise beyond our goal:

-Los Angeles, CA
-San Francisco, CA
-Phoenix, AZ
-Austin, TX
-New Orleans, LA
-Atlanta, GA
-Washington DC
-Minneapolis, MN
-Charleston, SC
-Nashville, TN
-Raleigh, NC
-New York City, NY
-Denver, CO

Thank you so much for considering to help us meet our financial goals or partner with us in anyway, shape, or form on this kind project! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

PS: Anyone who shares or donates, will receive a set of downloadable prints. Simply send us an email at and let us know if you did one and/or both, and we’ll send you over those prints!