The Premise

The only way to successfully dismantle systemic racism is to infiltrate the system that created it. So how do we do that? Through VOTING! Our vote is our voice. And our voices need to be heard. . . now more than ever. But most current efforts to increase voter turnout are either through social media feeds—which are crowded with pet videos and brunch photos—or the brave volunteer standing on the sidewalk with a clipboard. . . It’s not enough.

The Movement aims to increase voter turnout in a more effective way, by connecting with people through an app that makes voting easy and rewarding. You wouldn’t go to Instagram for job postings. You wouldn’t go to LinkedIn to post pictures of your brunch. Civic engagement needs a place. . . and that place is The Movement.

The App

The app has three main pillars: Accountability, Information, and Incentives.


You and your friends keep each other accountable by forming a Pact. Simply put, you affirm that you will vote and that you will hold the rest of your Pact members accountable to vote. Individuals and Pacts can form Movements, which are groups of people who are active voters who want to rally around a cause. Through Pacts and Movements, you are able to amplify your vote and voice, while activating your inner activist.


The process of being civically engaged is unnecessarily difficult. We will simplify the journey by providing customized info around your upcoming elections. Examples include registering, unbiased information on elections and candidates, and polling locations.


Voting is a habit. To build that habit, we will be offering unique experiences and rewards to encourage active engagement with the app. Those who use the app are more likely to vote.

We’re Just Getting Started

We intend on being the place for digital civic engagement, and plan to evolve as our community evolves. MUCH MORE to come!

The Background

I’m Jordan Giallanzo, The Movement’s founder. As a black man in America, racism has been part of my reality for as long as I can remember. But the events of the past few months and past 4 years have made me realize just how necessary it is for our country to evolve and for me to take action.

With a background in corporate strategy and management consulting in the Tech, Media, and Telecom space, plus an MBA from Columbia Business School, I approached The Movement’s creation like any good strategy professional. I began to research and understand systemic racism, and more importantly, how we can eliminate the conditions which allow it to thrive. As the most essential element to creating change is the need for new laws and policies throughout all parts of government (but to do this, we need politicians who prioritize and support these), the only way we accomplish any of that is by voting.

With the help of my amazing and passionate team, The Movement is primed to become a reality. We would love for you to now join The Movement and help the app become a reality.

The Impact

The Movement, will be a monumental step towards increasing voter turnout and accomplishing a world without systemic racism. We will increase voter turnout and empower you to activate your inner activist.

With your help, we are hoping to have the funds to develop the application in time to affect change in this upcoming general election. With voter registration deadlines approaching over the next few months, we need an “All hands on deck!” effort to get the app launched, including the hiring and retaining of development resources. Funds will go directly to developing and launching this app.

What You Can Do

Back this campaign!! Every penny counts and the more we raise, the more resources we will be able to dedicate to making this app as great as possible as fast as possible.

Also, please get the word out! Share with your friends and family. Getting someone to donate is as good as you donating.

Thank You

Thank you for supporting our dream and for taking this step towards defeating systemic racism!